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CS Advice: Kitchen Chat


This is a group where members can come to learn about CS, ask questions pertaining to Hosting/Surfing, share about a memorable experience, or simply start a discussion to gain feedback from other members. All are welcome!

We invite you to think of this group as you would a group of friends gathered around a kitchen table for some shared discussion. Sometimes it will be serious but most times it will be simply good-natured bantering about the events of the day. Please note that this group has No Guidelines so there is no such thing as "off-topic discussions" (anyone who has ever been reprimanded on one of the main boards because his post "does not belong in this group" may well appreciate this aspect of the kitchen chat!). Sometimes we find that we have a question or an issue to raise for discussion but are unsure which group is most suitable. Just like in the family kitchen, the threads on this group cover a myriad of topics, interests, and viewpoints.

That said, we do ask that members keep in mind that there is a "Cigar Corner" sub-group for more controversial or clearly divisive debates. Let us strive to keep the kitchen a friendly place where all members can feel comfortable and "at home".

Perhaps most important, this is a closed-group. Members will occasionally have to ask advice on how best to solve a problem or deal with a negative experience so as well as being warm and welcoming, we feel that it is important that the kitchen be kept private. We have many new members but also several seasoned CS hosts who would love to offer some advice or insight - or just lend a sympathetic ear.

Advice for Hosts, Advice for Surfers, Reference Writing, or just how best to get started on CS in general - feel free to start a thread on any topic or even just to say HI. The Kitchen Welcomes You!!

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Created: Aug 20, 2010
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susanne-thomassusanne-thomas I have been hosting with CS but would like to share experiences and questions with others 03/26/2014
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