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Sunny Pärnu has been the official summer capital of Estonia for many years! In fact, this resort city has been synonymous with sun, sea and beach. In 2008, we celebrated the 170th anniversary of the resort.

The sun is not confined merely to Pärnu, however. The shores surrounding the city have a climate that can be described as one of the warmest in Estonia. It’s the sun that symbolizes recreation and tourism in Pärnu, as do the Solar Circles, which connect Pärnu County, the Summer Capital of Pärnu, and the four tourism regions of Pärnu County.

We are proud of the fact that Pärnu is an internationally recognized city, housing spas, a theatre and wonderful places for staging concerts. Both the city and county offer multiple opportunities for enjoying active recreation and holidays all year round, and conference tourism is developing rapidly.

Its status as a Hanseatic city adds a historic tone to Pärnu. In 2010, the people of Pärnu had the honour of hosting the contemporary Hanseatic cities at the International Hanseatic days.

Population: 43 488
Area: 32,2 km²
Location: South- West Estonia.
From Tallinn to Pärnu 128 km. From Riga to Pärnu 180 km.

For more information visit: www.parnu.ee

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