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Rhode Island (and Providence Plantations) the smallest state with the longest name. The last of the 13 colonies. Established in 1636 Rhode Island is rich with culture. We have two of the best colleges in the country Brown University and RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design). We're "The Ocean State" guided by its state motto of "Hope". We have a great arts and music scene here making for an excellent nightlife and alot of beaches for a great summer. So here's somethings to check out....
- The States Tourism Department ( http://www.visitrhodeisland.com/ )

Things To Do In Providence
- The capitals main attraction The Providence Water Fires
( http://www.waterfires.org )

- We have a great Vegan/Veg scene here so check out Happy Cow
( http://www.happycow.net/north_america/usa/rhode_island/index.html )
(We have to many places for me to list now)

- Night Clubs - Bars, Dance, Pool, Music, Gay, Strip
( http://maps.google.com/maps?f=l&view=text&q=night+club&near=rhode+island&btnG=Search+Businesses )

Some Local Favorites
- Art & Music & Poetry + Beer & Food = AS220
( http://www.as220.org )
- Big Musc Events Lupos Heartbreak Hotel ( http://www.lupos.com )
- Dance - The Complex ( http://www.thecomplexri.com )
- Gay - Mirabar ( http://www.mirabar.com )
- Pool - Snookers ( http://www.snookerspoollounge.com )
- Strip - The Foxy Lady ( http://www.thefoxylady.net/ )

Check out Lots of Noise to for Indie Listings, We Have alot of house party/warehouse shows...
( http://www.lotsofnoise.com )

- Arenas, Play Houses, Convention Center, & Casino - Concerts, Sports, Trade Shows

- The Dunkin Donuts Center ( http://www.dunkindonutscenter.com/ )
- Trinity Repertory Theatre - ( http://www.trinityrep.com )
- Providence Performing Art Center ( http://www.ppacri.com )
- Rhode Island Convention Center ( http://www.riconvention.com/ )
- Outside Providence -
- The Ryan Center ( http://www.theryancenter.com )
- Twin River Casino ( http://www.twinriver.com )

- Other Great Places In The State - Best in The Summer

Newport - Tall Ships, Beaches, Cliff Walk , Chowderfest, Jazz Festival, Fort Adams, Great City By The Sea
( http://www.gonewport.com )
Bristol - Another Great City By The Sea, Oldest and Largest 4th of July Parade, Colt State Park
( http://www.discoverbristol )
Block Island - Beautiful Island, Beautiful Water, Great Summer Getaway 30 min to 1hr trip by ferry
( http://www.blockislandinfo.com/ )

Well I'm sure I missed some stuff, there's alot to do here. You'll just have to couch surf to find out more...

And don't forget to not to leave states without....

Having some coffee milk ( http://www.autocrat.com/ ) with breakfast.
Getting a Dels ( http://www.dels.com/ ) with lunch.
Flipping some Saugy's ( http://www.saugy.net ) on the grill, while boiling some Quahogs
Or you could always stop at a New York System ( http://www.olneyvillenysystem.com/ )
Or get a Stanley Burger & some Quebec Fries ( http://www.stanleyshamburgers.com/ )

..... oh and in the summer make sure to get a cabinet, grinder, & some clam cakes. Then wash it down at the bubbler....

Or for the beer connaisseur...
Tour the Brewery at Newport Storm
( http://www.newportstorm.com )
Go To Brew Pub at Trinity Brew House
( http://www.trinitybrewhouse.com/ )
Or Just Taste The Rainbow of Beers at The Mews Tavern
( http://www.mewstavern.com/ )

Wiki Page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhode_island

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