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Tokyo: Parties + Nightlife


Looking for a great time in Tokyo? Then, join this group. ;)

Let's exchange the info about events, spots, and everything that's going on in Tokyo!

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Created: Sep 4, 2010
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Yuta Ishida Yuta Ishida moderator 09/04/2010
frany Agyekum frany Agyekum i just relocated to japan from san diego, and i'm looking for good people i can trust to hang out with and also people that open minded and embraces different cultures. 03/14/2013
Gary LawrenceGary Lawrence Visiting Tokyo April 17th-28th 2014 03/21/2014
Najwa ZalaquettNajwa Zalaquett 04/14/2014
Hide SakamakiHide Sakamaki 01/13/2013
Charles Coates Charles Coates I'll be in Japan from April 5-May 15. 03/31/2014
Pako BogoeskiPako Bogoeski 03/10/2014
junko Aonojunko Aono sounds fun! 10/23/2012


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River Rafting!Naotomo Umewaka-  10/11/2013
banking system, can i start an account hereMargret Dianne Fermin-  09/07/2013
8/31 Tokyo Knights International Party RoppongiDJ Antomattei-  08/29/2013
This week-end: Roppongi or ShibuyaEduard Stengler1  08/29/2013
Metal and other weird thingsMarkus Högmander-  08/19/2013
TEQUILA PARTY! July 18th!Tim Chard-  07/15/2013
6.29.2013 NATION: IBIZA @ Cove, RoppongiDJ Antomattei-  06/29/2013
Anybody who wants to join the party or play music?Ryo Kato-  06/03/2013
Every Thursday, Open party time to CS'ers!!radi-gaku-  05/31/2013
All alone 24-26th May in TokyoRohit Rohit-  05/20/2013
Tokyo may 14-21 nightlifemaco022  05/13/2013
Club A-life, Nishi-AzabuFlorian Foidl6  05/05/2013
reggae/ hip hop scene in TokyoAleInRome23  04/17/2013
Womb 13th ANNIVERSARY on saturday 13 april !Simon Pierre-  04/07/2013
30th march, Springroove 2013 (Ne-yo) & Anime Expotechno Advo-  03/24/2013
Night out In March 21st to 26th!!!!Rebecca Stahlut9  03/21/2013
Good place to go out at night, TokyoDamonii Ayreborn-  03/16/2013
March 16th: Manuel del Mare & Alex Kenji (guestlist discount)Tim Chard-  03/11/2013
Free Exhibition opening party today. Live Music, Capoeira (Brazilian Dance) and heaps of Art!Naotomo Umewaka-  03/09/2013
Karaoke&Clubbing on March 8thJulia Scheurer3  03/08/2013
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