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Tokyo: Parties + Nightlife


Looking for a great time in Tokyo? Then, join this group. ;)

Let's exchange the info about events, spots, and everything that's going on in Tokyo!

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Created: Sep 4, 2010
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Yuta Ishida Yuta Ishida moderator 09/04/2010
Najwa ZalaquettNajwa Zalaquett 04/14/2014
frany Agyekum frany Agyekum i just relocated to japan from san diego, and i'm looking for good people i can trust to hang out with and also people that open minded and embraces different cultures. 03/14/2013
junko Aonojunko Aono sounds fun! 10/23/2012
Charles Coates Charles Coates I'll be in Japan from April 5-May 15. 03/31/2014
Eva Mateo RiosEva Mateo Rios I will be here for 3 months and I would like to be update on nightlife 03/19/2014
Pako BogoeskiPako Bogoeski 03/10/2014
Hide SakamakiHide Sakamaki 01/13/2013


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Anyone into Grimes?Teagan Frysteen1  03/03/2013
Couchrequest: Weekend in AprilJaime Agudo Canalejo-  02/26/2013
Charity event in Shibuya I can get you in for 500¥ instead of 2000¥Naotomo Umewaka-  02/15/2013
Anybody want some party night in Tokyo?Andy Kang-  02/13/2013
2013.2.22.Fri Valentine's After Party @ Shangri-La Hotel TokyoDJ Antomattei-  02/10/2013
SHARK in the PARK - One Year Anniversary // Charity Event // A different Valentines <3Naotomo Umewaka-  02/10/2013
PARTYING AROUND TOKYO! 7,8,9th Feb 2013?Kev Y-  01/29/2013
I so wanna go out dancing this weekend. Anyone wants to go to camelot night club?Maxy Shawn17  01/25/2013
SALSA Dancing Party w/Mexican Food Buffet in Roppongi 1/25, Friday!Oscar Arias-  01/23/2013
i wanna partyMassimo Massimo-  01/20/2013
Does anyone like Crystal Castles or Sleigh Bells?Sachi Murase-  01/19/2013
Getting tired of Shibuya and Roppoingi?Takahiro Ogawa-  01/08/2013
END OF THE YEAR PARTY (Shangri-la Hotel, Tokyo Station)DJ Antomattei1  12/29/2012
New Year Party in Roppongi HillsSAKURACAT11  12/29/2012
Muse concertKRYSTELB-  12/27/2012
Party 7th friday, student barBelen_Marc-  12/07/2012
I am the party, but who is with me?Jan-Gerrit Seyler1  11/27/2012
Clubbing between 26 Nov - 03. DezDavid Sparer-  11/20/2012
11/23: Thanksgiving party: "Let's get wild turkey !" @ Bar SpeakEasy, Ôtsuka, Toshima-kuDada Okashisa-  11/20/2012
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