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For foreigners wanting to learn the Greek language, for expats, future expats, whatever...
The goal is mostly to exchange methods, grammar tips, helpful websites, or anything else relevant to the mastering(if it's possible:P) of the Greek language.
Of course, Greeks are more than welcome to help us poor souls lost in a flood of crazy rules and characters;)

so...please share what helped you learn this beautiful language!!!

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Created: Sep 10, 2010
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Patrick GeinozPatrick Geinoz moderator 09/10/2010
KIM3KIM3 Learn greek, from France 04/20/2011
Ana AnulaAna Anula 07/22/2013
HARIS.ActionSTHARIS.ActionST 10/28/2013
Monika ŠeniglováMonika Šeniglová 05/30/2011
Constantinos SFIKASConstantinos SFIKAS Je parle grec! I speak Greek! Hablo griego! 09/12/2010
Agnes JohanssonAgnes Johansson I'm here to learn Greek :) 02/12/2014
Эмиль СагинтаевЭмиль Сагинтаев 12/13/2013


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