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Here CouchSurfers of the great state of Tennessee can share information about events and places in the state. Travelers can request help or find out about happenings and meet-ups.

Information about Tennessee:
check out Wikitravel, Wikipedia, or offer a question here.

Couch Requests:
Please ask members individually after reading their profile information. For urgent or unique requests you should post your request in this group.

In an emergency contact James, the regional country ambassador in Nashville or Crystal, the regional country ambassador in Birmingham

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Grace MackayGrace Mackay traveling around in 2014 03/03/2014
Melanie MercadoMelanie Mercado . 03/19/2014
Patricia RekitzePatricia Rekitze I'm an artist looking for an outlet, MURALS TATTOOS PIERCINGS MUSIC> Let's make a beautiful world together 03/30/2013
Oxana KhripkoOxana Khripko I lived un Tennessee 07/19/2010
sophialovesyousophialovesyou Tennesseean 09/19/2009
Jeffery Fannon Jeffery Fannon I live here 05/10/2011
Jessica Pletz Jessica Pletz Madison, WI Couch Crash 2014 03/27/2014
Megan ZinckMegan Zinck Looking to stay in Bristol, TN around 4/19/14 04/08/2014


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The Nashville C.A.T.S ("C"ity "A"nd "T"he "S"uburbs) Group7167


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Poll: Two swedish girls travelling to Tennesse, Alabma and Mississippi!!cm_lovers-  05/31/2013

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Coming to Tennessee, looking for advicesAlex Filonenko-  08/21/2011
Hottest 1/2 marathon and 10K in Dallas, TX on SundayI_RUN2LIVE2  08/14/2011
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cumberland riverMatthew Stanfill-  08/06/2011
in tn for 2 weeks from michigan, looking to hang outBeth McCarter-  07/26/2011
MegabusDon Fritz-  07/25/2011
Madison Couch Crash: Aug 4-7, 2011pelodude-  07/01/2011
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