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Welcome to the group about Texas! If you're planning on visiting the Lone Star State, this is the place to start! If you're visiting a specific area, make sure to check out a sub-group!

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Linda Harper Linda Harper moderator 05/12/2007
Dr. Harpal Singh Dr. Harpal Singh 01/21/2008
douglas Harris lane douglas Harris lane I live in texas for 14 yrs but only a couch surfer for a few months 01/04/2013
Yulia ShaposhnikovaYulia Shaposhnikova going to travel a bit around Texas 04/08/2014
Danielle LinebaughDanielle Linebaugh I am visiting in July and would like to find out about events and network. 04/09/2014
MY.HARRY MY.HARRY Will be working in Houston from Aug-2012 to Sept-2013 09/06/2012
Fernando RomeroFernando Romero I will be on Texas for three months 04/11/2014
Aaron Lerma Aaron Lerma cause ima Texan XD 03/30/2012


Austin International Travel Companions01
Austin ( Old Style )65
Corpus Christi21066
CS @ CS (College Station)123180
East Texas125155
Fort Worth11052929
Lubbock Texas134334
Plano & Addison113111
Rio Grande Valley, Texas120218
San Antonio24897068
San Marcos158199
South Padre Island, TX544
Texas A&M340305
Texas A&M Gavleston156
Texas Medical Center32
Texas Rainbow Family72
Texas Tech496
The Third Coast41
Travelin' Texans245
University of North Texas8246
Waco Students and their fan club4616
WEST TEXAS - Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, El Paso, Abilene 7466

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travelling around Fort Worth areaYulia Shaposhnikova1  04/15/2014
Texans, please share your opinionsKendrick Kaufman-  04/05/2014
Madison Couch Crash 2014Ayşe Yolcu-  03/29/2014
things to do while in texasCYNTHIA SCHILLER2  03/21/2014
For all the hosts in Texas this is for you!Elina Nurminen1  03/21/2014
Young Danish couchsurfer travelling Texas!Jakob Dantzer11  03/21/2014
Cycling and hiking around San Antonio, Big Bend, Austin, and anywhere else?!KRISTINAKEK-  03/17/2014
Asking for a little helpVirág Réti3  02/17/2014
2 Traveling musicians in search of a recording studio!DUSTYFOOTPHILOSOPHER-  01/16/2014
2 minute survey - Need your help only to answer about French LanguageHUGUETTE-  01/12/2014
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Is anyone driving to New Mexico soon?Tom Billings-  10/29/2013
Travel buddy for epic US Roadtrip (6 states, 3300 miles)Puru Shah1  10/28/2013
Help me, please :)sandra.p22-  10/22/2013
Texan travel buddy for a Eurotrip!synthiaperez4  09/22/2013
Madison Couch Crash 2013Dan Perry2  07/29/2013
Hi there, will be travelling through rural Texas this August by car. No plan, want to be on the road for some adventure. Who needs a ride, or could host?KA-TH-RIN7  07/28/2013
Texas Water Safari QuestionsNicolle Wiaderny1  07/11/2013
Questionnaire: what motivates (American) students to study Spanish?Hugo Díaz-  07/04/2013
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