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Dumpster diving in Berlin. Living without Money!


This group is for all people who share the idea of living freegan in Berlin.

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Created: Sep 17, 2010
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Steven FrankeSteven Franke moderator because awesome. 09/17/2010
Raphael FellmerRaphael Fellmer moderator I am a Freegan, this means i live without money and vegan ;) since 3 years I am rescuing tons of food ... its time to stop waste and start peace! 04/15/2011
Marek ThomsMarek Thoms 02/17/2014
Magdalena KöppenMagdalena Köppen good food bad food 02/19/2012
KISмETKISмET 03/17/2014
Marcelo BarefootMarcelo Barefoot i would love to live outside this society and have a homeless experience. 10/15/2012
Yvonne RöttgersYvonne Röttgers nosiness 12/23/2012
Sonja Taheri RiziSonja Taheri Rizi 09/08/2012


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Diving places in Wilmersdof-Schoeneberg-Charlottenburg?Jurate Glodienyte-  11/23/2013
Dumpster Diving NeuköllnAlessandra Brucchietti30  11/01/2013
A video on food waste/dumpster divingLucia Hraskova-  10/26/2013
Where to Dumpsterdive in Wedding?Avi Meshulam1  08/29/2013
scrounging neuköllnSofie Engström von Alten1  08/27/2013
Dumpster in P-Berg or nearby!virginia Mosca9  07/29/2013
FREE WOOD for shelving etcAmber Sunshine1  06/27/2013
Moneyless ManifestoDiarmuid Brannick-  06/19/2013
Free food to give away. Collect F'HainAmber Sunshine3  05/28/2013
wanting to live in an alternative wayIzhak Roch-  05/13/2013
SOUL CAKE sessions @ Cake BarJean Oliveira-  04/18/2013
new to divingHellza Papadopoulos17  03/26/2013
Sign against break down east side galleryYvonne Röttgers-  02/28/2013
repair café (fix your stuff before diving)earthusiast-  02/28/2013
2 available spo fo going dumpster diving in my favourite spots this wednesdayNomadik_juggling9  02/06/2013
Gratis SpanischkonversationsgruppeNieves Palmer-  01/08/2013
Gratis SpanischkonversationsgruppeNieves Palmer-  01/08/2013
...bag of Free Food/Groceries to give away...Amber Sunshine3  12/15/2012
Alternative? I'm shooting a documentary in Berlin and need your dream and story!Florian Karner-  12/14/2012
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