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Bret Rasmussen Bret Rasmussen moderator 10/08/2006
Thi-ly and Peter Hayes Thi-ly and Peter Hayes moderator 10/17/2006
Anna BellAnna Bell Born and raised 03/08/2014
Stephen Hopson Stephen Hopson Coming to Utah in April to give a presentation on Inner Awakening! 03/31/2014
Dan Perry Dan Perry To promote the 2014 Madison, WI couch crash. 04/02/2014
Amanda_HawaiiAmanda_Hawaii I can give outdoor adventure advice ! 08/14/2009
Mike JonesMike Jones Moving to Utah this fall! 08/03/2013
Evren Karpak Evren Karpak 07/13/2012


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Utah to Tennessee/North Carolina on June 3rdBuckley Barratt-  05/21/2012
Solar Eclipse in Southern Utah, May 20thMariano Castro-  05/17/2012
Real Salt Lake vs Seattle SoundersMariano Castro-  05/12/2012
Impromptu Bar Fun...Mariano Castro-  05/12/2012
Want to show a (great) Dane the dangerous side of life in Utah? (in June:))Karen Felter1  04/28/2012
FIRE PARTY / JAM SESSION / KARAOKE / CSERS BSINGLynda-and-kids3  04/22/2012
who wants to visit some hot springs?!NADINEINHOUSTON3  04/20/2012
CanyonlandsJeff Scott-  04/16/2012
short road trip through UtahClaudia Fein14  04/16/2012
Announcing the Boulder Couch Crash, June 22-24!Nicki Seminara-  04/10/2012
powder in April?SachinIceguy1  04/01/2012
Hiking in nationalparks in March?Sandra Christen4  03/24/2012
planning a trip around national parks, any cotravellers and rideshares?MILIEFROG-  03/22/2012
A Dirty 30 Big Birthday BashLynda-and-kids2  03/10/2012
Bert & Ernie's Art & Word NotebookathonClayton Smith-  03/06/2012
Looking for a bandMiKayla Mayer-  03/03/2012
1st Annual Atlanta Couch Crash - May 4-6Ryan Russo and Michelle Ashman-  02/24/2012
OFFER: Ride NOLA to Clearfield, UT & back 3/15-3/23 w/ UhaulMichelle Abeyta-  02/18/2012
SLC to Austin, TX Feb 19th be my co-pilotKole Hansen1  02/12/2012
Super Bowl Party!Lynda-and-kids-  02/05/2012
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