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Marie HamiltonMarie Hamilton ilovermont 01/03/2010
KAY_A_FKAY_A_F I'd like to share the Couchsurfing life in Middlebury 07/21/2009
Cedric Baele Cedric Baele I live in the Champlain Valley 02/25/2014
Mehdi MahdiMehdi Mahdi I live near Vermont 01/11/2014
Liliana Vicente Liliana Vicente going this weekend to mount snow :)) ski ski time 03/12/2014
Nicholas Glass and Sarah Brown Nicholas Glass and Sarah Brown We live here! 06/25/2012
Marie DiBenedettoMarie DiBenedetto I just moved to the wonderful state of VT!!!! 09/02/2009


Second republic of Vermont278

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Help (or advice) needed with filling in my thesis questionnaireBarbora Hubená-  04/09/2014
Vermonters, please share your opinons.Kendrick Kaufman-  04/05/2014
going this weekend to Mount SnowLiliana Vicente-  03/12/2014
Looking for a hut/cottage/cabin - anyone know anything?elephanteyelash-  02/11/2014
2 Traveling musicians in search of a recording studio!DUSTYFOOTPHILOSOPHER-  01/16/2014
2 minute survey - Need your help! Creating my own business and planning a USA tourHUGUETTE-  01/10/2014
looking to make vermont my new homeHaaJar Johnson2  11/03/2013
Share Vermont and see the world, be a part of the "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT!!!Clément Elbaz-  06/13/2013
CS party and place to crash on Saturday, June 15, Charlotte, VTDavid Allan-  06/12/2013
CS Group - Travel for cheap, ecologically and meet peopleBarbora Hubená-  02/27/2013
Valhalla MovementStefan O'Canada-  02/14/2013
St Albens, VT (I need a place to sleep)Stephen Mosca-  02/05/2013
Moving to Bristol.Andrea Tremols2  02/03/2013
Looking for a ski/snowboard buddy!Katherine Lapre6  12/03/2012
Help me visit my homeland!Hina Musa-  11/09/2012
Suggestions for Cheap Hotels in Stamford, Vermontchen Yan-  11/06/2012
Apt near Mt. Snow(West Dover, Wimington)Peter Sullivan1  10/27/2012
Coming to Vermont, looking for adviceBarry.and.Cathy7  10/08/2012
A Message from Couchsurfing concerning website changes.David Allan-  10/06/2012
Charleston CouchCrash, Nov 2-4[]Mo Jabbar-  10/01/2012
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