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Hello everyone! Nihao are you?

Welcome! Thank you for joining this group! Shanghai language exchange group is a free language exchange community where you can get updates of language/culture exchange related events, find language partners and resources to learn a language online and offline.

What you can do here?

1, Find a language exchange partner.
Write a post to find a conversation partner that matches your criteria. Look for people in Shanghai that are interested to learn the languages you could teach them and swap languages. If you are travelling in Shanghai and need a place to stay,try post here and the will to seriously offer set hours of time everyday on language might give you better shot.

2, Create and join language meet ups.
Integrate with your community or meet the international crowd at "Language meet ups": Language exchange meetings are perfect occasions to connect with the international crowd and the locals in a informal and fun environment. A good place to make new friends learning a language.

3, Get to know about a country's culture better
You can post questions and waiting for people who from that area and currently visiting Shanghai to answer. It helps you get a better understanding of the language and the culture you want to learn. Questions such as "What's your favorite Chinese films?" give you some insight into the culture you are curious about and should ease the difficulties of learning a foreign language and keep you motivated.

Any queries relating this group, please contact organizers of events or moderators of this group.

Have fun!:)

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KIDREAM KIDREAM moderator 09/23/2010
Jing ZhangJing Zhang want to find people to learn new language and also help others with Chinese learning 11/18/2013
Cong ChenCong Chen To improve my English. 10/13/2012
Jess ZhangJess Zhang 01/15/2014
Xiaoshuang LiXiaoshuang Li I have strong interests to know various languages! 01/21/2014
Joao CabralJoao Cabral Languange exchange experience! 03/14/2014
Aegean ZHOU Aegean ZHOU been there. loved it! 01/19/2013
Jonas Tobias RoßJonas Tobias Roß 天天向上 09/14/2013


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