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Ride Share Canada


Freedom of Movement!

Safer than hitchhiking!

because Greyhound has successfully lobbied the canadian government to crack down on ride-share and carpool services, and because gas prices have gone through the roof, lets keep this vast country accessible to people of all incomes!

Driving somewhere and wanna share costs with a passenger or two?
Wanting to go somewhere, but don't have any wheels?
Lets hook each other up!

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Created: Aug 1, 2006
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Chrystel VultierChrystel Vultier moderator 08/01/2006
Kimbal BumsteadKimbal Bumstead travelling through canada 03/10/2014
Beks PosthumaBeks Posthuma I drive a lot! 02/05/2014
Jan HlávkaJan Hlávka I need a ride :) 04/13/2014
Daniel AkselrodDaniel Akselrod I'd like to travel in bc 03/12/2014
Sophie LängsfeldSophie Längsfeld i am travelling through canada, hoping to meet a lot of friendly people. since i don't want to hitchhike, that seems to be a good alternative 06/25/2013
Johanna GreilJohanna Greil I'm traveling through Canada and the idea of ride share is great 04/17/2014
Louise MadsenLouise Madsen Need a ride from Hamilton/Toronto to Montreal on April 21 03/25/2014


Ride Share and Hitchhikers in Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Yukon) 299331
Ride Share Canada Ontario South West123
Ride Share Northern Ontario, Canada5342


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Poll: Looking for rides between Ontario and Bc (March-April)COURTEOUSCANUCK2  03/31/2014

Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Driving from Ontario to BC - who needs a ride?Britta Plaas-  01/08/2014
Toronto- Niagara fallsSolMongelos-  01/06/2014
Anyone from Montreal to Halifax around the 18th?Katharina Nowak-  01/03/2014
Toronto to California leaving mid JanuaryQuinlan Faria-  01/02/2014
Montreal to Toronto monday january 6thFlorian Hack-  01/02/2014
Toronto to Montreal/Quebec after NYEKate B-  12/29/2013
Ride needed Mtl - TO january 2ndNisha Platzer-  12/28/2013
Ride Needed Kingston to Toronto Dec. 29 for 2Chava Field-Green-  12/27/2013
OFFERING: Dec 23rd TO to OTT, Dec 28th return OTT to TOtownsteph1  12/26/2013
Toronto to California anyone?David Smaller-  12/24/2013
Seeking Ride MTL-TO Dec. 31Nisha Platzer-  12/21/2013
rideshare Montreal NYC 31.12Celine Delafond-  12/20/2013
North Bay, ON to Chatham ON and BackAlexander McKenna-  12/20/2013
Ottawa Via #7 highway Dec 27thAaron Arbuckle-  12/19/2013
Offering: Kelowna to Calgary Dec. 20th, and back Dec. 28 or 29Ela Demic-  12/17/2013
OFFERING: Montreal to/à Toronto Dec. 20 13:00 - $30 (Downtown / Centre-Ville)Craig Steinberg-  12/16/2013
In need of a ride to Quebec CityMusicAsh-  12/14/2013
Toronto to Ottawa Dec 21st, Ottawa-Toronto 21st or 22ndEvy Gaspar-  12/12/2013
Looking for MTL to Toronto ride this weekendThomas Herrmann-  12/09/2013
Ride needed Vancouver - Okanagan/shuswap Dec 20th for 2 awesome folks.Jennifer Wesle-  12/08/2013