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Ride Share Canada


Freedom of Movement!

Safer than hitchhiking!

because Greyhound has successfully lobbied the canadian government to crack down on ride-share and carpool services, and because gas prices have gone through the roof, lets keep this vast country accessible to people of all incomes!

Driving somewhere and wanna share costs with a passenger or two?
Wanting to go somewhere, but don't have any wheels?
Lets hook each other up!

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Created: Aug 1, 2006
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Chrystel VultierChrystel Vultier moderator 08/01/2006
Madeleine HowarthMadeleine Howarth I love the idea of carpooling - traveling in Canada is quite expensive 02/02/2014
Jan HlávkaJan Hlávka I need a ride :) 04/13/2014
alina Nowakalina Nowak I like to travel in canada but have o watch my budget 04/14/2014
Joe Hessenius Joe Hessenius Because Im cruising through Canada 05/18/2012
Gus Moral Gus Moral Ride share is a fantastic option! 04/15/2014
Howie Waserman Howie Waserman Because I give and take 04/21/2013
bradofcanadabradofcanada Going to drive east this summer 03/04/2014


Ride Share and Hitchhikers in Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Yukon) 298331
Ride Share Canada Ontario South West123
Ride Share Northern Ontario, Canada5342


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Poll: Looking for rides between Ontario and Bc (March-April)COURTEOUSCANUCK2  03/31/2014

Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Winnipeg --> EASTSam Brown3  12/03/2013
East - West adventureMatt Davidson-  12/02/2013
Jasper to Banff on the 2ndCannelle Roy-  11/30/2013
Ride share CALGARY to KELOWNA Dec 20 - 27th (flexible)Amy Wolanski-  11/29/2013
Need a ride from Calgary to Vancouver, December 2013anja Velika-  11/27/2013
2 lovelies looking for a ride from Vancouver to Seattle Dec.1stChava Field-Green-  11/26/2013
Looking for a ride to Yellowknife during 8th-10th of DecemberPAI-CHIN CHI-  11/21/2013
3 FREE MEGABUS TICKETS (Toronto / Kingston)ANCIENTMELODY-  11/21/2013
Ride to Vancouver Sunday late afternoon/ evening (Nov. 24th)SaryBerry-  11/21/2013
Ride to Victoria Saturday morning (Nov. 23th)SaryBerry-  11/21/2013
2 people looking for ride from Vancouver to Kelowna Nov 23rd!KYLELOVECOUCH-  11/20/2013
Winnipeg to Regina Early DecemberPraire-  11/19/2013
Manitoba to OttawaDillon Hillier-  11/15/2013
Looking for a Ride to Jasper and backKlara Halder-  11/13/2013
Need a ride from Quebec to Montreal ... Nov. 20th ...Mirjam Schmidt-  11/13/2013
Halifax, NS--> Philly, points between (Nov27-Dec3)CHILCOTE-  11/13/2013
Ottawa - New York City - Thursday, Nov. 14 - back on Sunday Nov.17Mathieu Dupont-  11/12/2013
Need a ride TORONTO to MONTREALCannelle Roy-  11/06/2013
need a ride from WILLIAMS LAKES or KAMLOOPS to VANCOUVER (between the 8th or 12th of november)Freda Reitellep-  11/04/2013
Need a ride from VANCOUVER to KELOWNA within the next 2 weeksGabrielle Humphreys-  11/03/2013