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Culture Diving in China


As one of the four countries with an ancient civilization, China has impressed the world on many fields. So many expatriate staff, visiting scholar, nomadic traveler, professionals, explorers have travelled or lived here. But it seems like the excessive westernization and commercialization make us forget about the colourful diversified culture in the vast territory of China.

How many impressive experience have you had on culture exploring? How many culture confliction have you met during your stay in China? Do you think you've dived deep enough to see the real local culture or just surf on the surface to enjoy some nice looking?

I'd like to set up this platform for people to share the experience on chinese culture and even organize a in-depth diving tour with local Chinese people for the curious, stick-to-itive and open-minded foregnors.

The travelers can get some tips from the group members who experienced the similar situation. After study on our tips, the foreignors can enjoy the culture exchange with the rural chinese or local citizen who can't speak even a little English through working, farming, traveling, performing together.

I will update more details on the diving tour. Please feel free to share your idea or experience here.

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