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People from abroad staying in Bursa for various purposes and local people may gather and communicate here for MEETINGS and ACTIVITIES.Just be polite and share your ideas...

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Volkan Uzuner Volkan Uzuner moderator To help people about my city 05/12/2012
Ömer F. BALCIÖmer F. BALCI moderator 10/08/2010
Mehmet Yasar TelliMehmet Yasar Telli moderator 01/07/2011
Fatih GüneşFatih Güneş Fun 04/06/2014
Sascha EiflerSascha Eifler spending some time in bursa from april 7th for a week 04/06/2014
Sevket KorkmazSevket Korkmaz 10/08/2012
ilker UNLUilker UNLU 08/15/2012
Enes BalcıEnes Balcı 08/28/2012


Bursa Outdoor Activities ( Camping, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Caving, etc. ) 8-
learn Turkish :)2-


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Flagged postsModerator 4  01/18/2014
LET'S RIDE!!!Mehmet Yasar Telli-  04/04/2013
10th Regular CS Bursa Meeting on 5th AprilVolkan Uzuner-  04/03/2013
Wish to join Cs meetings in BursaHayri Ogus -  04/01/2013
GENERAL WARNINGMehmet Yasar Telli-  03/29/2013
9th Regular Meeting on 29th MarchMehmet Yasar Telli-  03/27/2013
We invite you for the 8th regular weekly meetingMehmet Yasar Telli-  03/20/2013
A belated "Thank You"Ömer F. BALCI1  03/14/2013
Lets cheer up for the 7th meeting :)Bahadir Uysal2  03/14/2013
Join the 6th CS BURSA meeting on the 8th March, M pubBahadir Uysal6  03/08/2013
We have got a party! "Foreign Language Party @bongo bar (near kültürpark)"Mert Coşkun-  03/06/2013
ceramic workshop in Bursaibrahim Guvendikler-  03/03/2013
Trip to Uludag for skiing, snowboarding or fun :)Ozgur Koroglu-  03/03/2013
Announcement for the music concert (Radio Moscow)Ozgur Koroglu-  03/03/2013
5th Regular CS BURSA Meeting and Spring Celebration, M PUB, 1st March, FRIDAYBahadir Uysal-  02/28/2013
cheap tennis placekenavobreizh2  02/23/2013
4th Regular CS BURSA Meeting, M PUB, 22th Feb, FRIDAYBahadir Uysal3  02/23/2013
3rd Regular CS BURSA Meeting, M PUB, 15th Feb, FRIDAYBahadir Uysal4  02/14/2013
travelling to BursaMalik Adeel Maqbool2  02/09/2013
2nd CS BURSA Regular Meeting, M Pub, on Friday 8th FebruaryBahadir Uysal2  02/03/2013
CS BURSA Weekly meeting on Wednesday at Piraye KafeBahadir Uysal3  01/31/2013
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