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CS Pets: Frankfurt


This group is for pets in Frankfurt and the greater Rhein-Main region looking for a caring temporary home while their humans are traveling.

CS pet owners needing a pet sitter as well as CSers who'd appreciate the temporary company of a furry/feathery/scaly friend, can all feel free to join our group.


Diese Gruppe ist für Haustiere in Frankfurt und Rhein-Main Gebiet die temporär ein Heim suchen, während ihre Menschen unterwegs sind.

CS Tierbesitzer/-innen die einen Tiersitter brauchen, und auch CSers die die temporäre Begleitung eines pelzigen/federigen/schuppigen Freund zu schätzen wissen, können alle gerne unserer Gruppe beitreten.

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Created: Oct 8, 2010
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Sarah DewinaSarah Dewina moderator I have a lovely cat 12/21/2012
Vea ZeaVea Zea moderator Because I like animals and can't have some of my own here 07/26/2013
Sandra KraußSandra Krauß moderator I got a dog and love animals 02/24/2013
Kleo KourKleo Kour moderator I will be living in Frankfurt for the next 3-4 years. I have a mignon dog which I can normally take with me when traveling...But in case I have to leave her short-term, I would like to know she can stay with people who care and are loving and sweet! I 04/11/2013
Tamara NealTamara Neal moderator Mother of Marley the Great Dane 09/16/2011
COPYKILL COPYKILL moderator We have a hamster and a dog named Cindy ;-) 12/02/2010
whatsjenuptowhatsjenupto moderator animal people are a special breed 10/08/2010
Kristine KrämerKristine Krämer because i love animals and would like to meet some :) 06/25/2013


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