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The Great Ocean Road (GOR)


Hi fellow CSers,

The Great Ocean Road is a must see for all international, interstate and intra Victorian tourists and is usually high on the agenda list when in Victoria.

If your reading this, either you plan on going to GOR or have already been and would like to share your experiences and advice with others. Hopefully by creating this open forum it proves to be beneficial to all future visitors.

Its important to remember that GOR is what you make it. If you want, you can just spend the day driving along the coast and back OR do some camping in the national parks OR OR do some nature watching and spot whales, koalas, kangaroos, kookaburras, penguins etc OR spend some time in the coastal towns and have a seaside get away and soak up the sun and surf. Its what you make it really.

Hope you enjoy your visit

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Angeline TAngeline T Wanna do the GOR 04/17/2014
Lucille SalvyLucille Salvy 04/15/2014


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