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Coachella 2011


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2011
April 15, 16, and 17th 2011

Lets start some carpool threads, camping threads, etc. especially for our out of town and out of country guests!

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Created: Oct 14, 2010
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Jessica Powell Jessica Powell moderator Coachella 2011!!!! 01/23/2011
Henry Boisvert Henry Boisvert I got tickets to Coachella! 02/06/2011
Michael  Zheng Michael Zheng I want to join a group to meet new people going to Coahella in 2011 12/14/2010
Winston Tecolote Ludlam Winston Tecolote Ludlam i'm there fool! 01/27/2011
Bianca BeyroutiBianca Beyrouti I'm finally making it out to Coachella for the first time ever! I'm looking for some gracious cool cats to host me and join me in the musical festivities. 02/04/2011
Miguel HuertaMiguel Huerta I'm going to Coachella this year!!! 01/19/2011
Patrick Howard Patrick Howard Road tripping from San Antonio 01/24/2011
Alejandro OrtegaAlejandro Ortega Rock and Music 01/26/2011


Car Camping1846
Tent Camping3-

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Help - Need ONE 3 day passHaley Grigaitis-  01/28/2011
European looking for 1 Coachella 3 Day PassDAHLIAS2  01/28/2011
I have a Car Camping Pass...Looking for a a ride and people with whom to set up camp.Juan Pablo Lagos-  01/27/2011
Literally went to buy a ticket after being away to find out I'm stuffed :(Emily Harris-  01/27/2011
From Portland Oregon to Coachella!Trevor Merz-  01/27/2011
Join the camping sub group if you're interested in setting up mega Couchsurfing campJessica Powell-  01/27/2011
Guess who else is in need of somewhere to camp?Ali Coblentz-  01/26/2011
Couchsurfing group at Coachella.Giovanni Nuñez2  01/26/2011
Hi! Me and 3 friends are going to coachella, kind of desperate w/o campingNeide Vieira-  01/25/2011
Vacation RentalAmanda Robertson3  01/25/2011
Anyone hosting or know of accommodations? 2 Awesome Guys from Chicago in need!Adam Roker-  01/24/2011
camping!Bryli Friberg-  01/23/2011
Lets not let any scalpers get the CSers!Anna Berentsen9  01/23/2011
Past CS meet in Coachella ?Tae and Kary Kim3  01/23/2011
looking for place to camp/ place to stay - three from vancouver!Deidre Olsen-  01/22/2011
Lake Cahuilla campingMatt Castleberry2  01/20/2011
The Official LineupNolan Suarez2  01/20/2011
The lineup has been announced!!!!!Nolan Suarez7  01/19/2011
Hey everyone, coming from NZ, keen to meet up and find a ride/place to stay...Emily Harris6  01/16/2011
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