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Welcome to the Australia Group !!

The purpose of this page is to give Couch Surfers a platform for everything concerning Australia.
The Guidelines are a collection of some of the Australian wikipages and help to direct you to more detailed information.

Abridgement from the Australia wikpage:

>>Where else in the world will you see an otter-like duck that lays eggs? Yep In Australia! Australia is a popular destination because we have sun, surf and sand, gorgeous weather, lots of space, weird animals, deadly animals and we talk strangely, calling our shoes 'thongs' and our trousers 'pants'.

Australia is a country in Oceania, it is divided into eight states and territories. We are the world's biggest island with many different types of environments to explore such as our beaches, dessert and rain forests.

Always keep in mind that there are City Groups for specific City/region Posts. These City Groups also provide up to date details of meetups and events... the main ones are:

A summary of the major state and city groups can be seen by clicking on the map below.

For those who are looking for something out of the city centres, why not have a look at the CS Rural Australia Group

CS Rural Australia

If you want to see the map of Rural Hosts in Australia then click here!

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ADRIANNQLD-ADIADRIANNQLD-ADI moderator Im Ozzie and I Love it 10/17/2007
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Tim-Oliver KrayTim-Oliver Kray Going to Australia for three weeks in April 02/23/2014
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Carolina_Sarmiento Carolina_Sarmiento Will be going there for a Congress fall 2014 04/20/2014


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