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fi & api's havenfi & api's haven moderator I love my little paradise - the Fiji Islands! 06/03/2009
Corentin MacqueronCorentin Macqueron Because I've been there! 04/12/2014
Zeb ChepeyZeb Chepey Fiji on my mind! 06/30/2013
Ker'en DraunidaloKer'en Draunidalo I'm proud to be Fijian :) 08/01/2013
ToThoseThatDareToThoseThatDare will be landing there on 29/4 04/12/2014
Manu_y_JaviManu_y_Javi like :) 03/24/2014
WanderingSteveWanderingSteve Because I'm in Fiji! 11/18/2013
Aleks LAleks L I will be in Fiji May 8th - 23rd 01/11/2014


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Fiji Accommodation Group - join this group to find a CS apartment or roommates or both .... [not for couch requests!!]5626
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Anyone for NewYear postcard exchange???Veljko, Tamara and Milos Radulovic-  12/10/2013
coming to Fiji 26th Nov... Meetup? Beer? Sail? any advice is appreciated. .Chris Fogarty1  11/20/2013
One crew wanted sailing from Viti Levu, Fiji to Opua, New Zealand leaving in a few days.WanderingSteve-  11/18/2013
4 days Fiji what to do?FILMSCHNITTE-  11/08/2013
Hey everyone!!alexander Steelant1  11/07/2013
What are the tailors like in Suva?Andrew Grant-  11/05/2013
Kayaking adviceCrystal Blackburn-  09/14/2013
advice on finding a doctor in suvaCHICHI13691  08/18/2013
Looking for a FlatAlisa Vavataga1  07/05/2013
Island HoppingZeb Chepey-  07/01/2013
Fiji adviceHakim TAZI5  06/23/2013
weekly meet!!!!!!!Rusiate Seninawanawa-  06/14/2013
House swap: We want to go to Fiji, offering our house in Iowa City, IA, USAKatya Boltanova1  06/10/2013
Where is the best place in FIji?Yuka Abe-  05/25/2013
in fiji during two weeks :)amande382  05/21/2013
hello FijiMASHDALINA2  05/13/2013
Meetups in July?zwolle-  05/10/2013
Fiji start 15th MayJenny Tuppen2  05/10/2013
Surfing in FijiJoel D Ridgeway1  04/24/2013
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