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New Member Welcome


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Our goal is to warmly greet new members in a timely manner, and to offer them support as they dive into CS. We strive to send each member one welcome letter.

This group has the following objectives:

* Manage group of Community Builders who welcome new members to the website
* Train Community Builders how to welcome new members, including content of messages and cross-cultural awareness
* Manage the development of the system in which new members are contacted in a timely manner
* Ultimately responsible for making new members feel welcomed and informed

Members: 483
Sub-Groups: 4
Members in Sub-Groups: 54
Created: Aug 18, 2006
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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MATCHI1981 MATCHI1981 moderator Moderator, NMW application approver German, English, 03/20/2012
Koos Reitsma Koos Reitsma moderator Team Leader & Moderator English, Dutch 11/07/2010
Olivier CHARVET Olivier CHARVET moderator Moderator, NMW application approver English, French 08/17/2009
Maurizio Mangano Maurizio Mangano moderator Italian, English, Latvian, Russian, French 02/18/2008
Gayoung LEE Gayoung LEE new member greeter :) i will greet new members:) 05/01/2012
Samuele Lo PianoSamuele Lo Piano 03/06/2012
Matcheû DecagnyMatcheû Decagny 11/30/2010
Maria Flygare Maria Flygare Swedish, English 07/01/2010


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