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Riga is in need of a freecycle and as it takes alot of time to create an official one, i thought this would be a great group for latvia cs! So the main idea is that this is an exchange platform for unwanted goods. For example, if you have a table that you don't need anymore, you create a OFFER:post for giving away a free table and someone can ask to take it. and in the same way if someone needs a chair for example, they can create a WANT:post asking if anyone has one. Everything should be for free, this is not a buy and sell. Happy freecycle everyone!

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Created: Nov 16, 2010
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Steph GallagherSteph Gallagher moderator 11/16/2010
Ilze Dzenovska Ilze Dzenovska I believe in a second chance for people and things. It is just very refreshing when we help out each other :) 05/04/2011
Anna PlaggueAnna Plaggue 08/01/2012
Austra ZiļickaAustra Ziļicka I like the idea! 01/22/2011
Yvonne_ChristophYvonne_Christoph nice idea=) 01/22/2012
Madara VanagaMadara Vanaga 03/24/2011
Ketija Kat Ketija Kat 01/30/2013
Ramune AleksiunaiteRamune Aleksiunaite Going to Riga 08/15/2013


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Need backpackLúcia Fernandes-  03/09/2013
tentYvonne_Christoph-  05/20/2012
WANTED: buttonsSteph Gallagher-  11/18/2010