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This group is a sub-group of the HONG KONG city group:

1. Please post all your messages about apartment / share flat here (eg. Looking to rent a place, Looking for flat-mate, Putting up your flat for lease for the summer months, etc.) and NOT in the main HONG KONG group.

2. NOTE that CouchSurfing should in no case be used for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE (para 2(f) and 2(i)) - http://www.couchsurfing.org/terms.html
If you are an estate agent looking to advertise your business, this is NOT the place for you.

3. Here is a good post with LINKS to many USEFUL WEBSITES/TOOLS/TIPS for apartment/flatmate searches - http://www.couchsurfing.org/group_read.html?gid=36058&post=7464105

4. Some websites that our CS-ers recommend, if you are looking for flatshare/renting a flat in Hong Kong:

5. This group is set up to make it easier for our CS members to get to certain information about our city quicker, it is only supposed to serve our small CS community here. This group does not have any commercial goal or intended to be run as a business. There is no need to promote this group in any media. If you are looking to engage in any commercial course of conduct, please do that in the commercial websites we quoted above and NOT here.

6. This group does not have a lot of members only because that not every member of our main HK city group is interested in the content here. There is NO need to cross-post your post here to the HK main group or any other CS/non-CS groups.

7. Abusive posts will be reported and deleted. The member posting making the post may also have his/her profile deleted.

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GUSGUSGUS GUSGUSGUS moderator 11/18/2010
Theresa YaoTheresa Yao I have a room for renting 10/01/2013
Vick LeeVick Lee 04/17/2012
Ahmed HusseinAhmed Hussein i live in HK 11/08/2013
Clover LeiClover Lei looking for place to stay 02/05/2013
ErikMio ErikMio moving to HK 05/02/2011
Andy AxelrodAndy Axelrod Looking for flatshare 09/09/2013
Anto SmileAnto Smile 04/03/2014


Group Posts

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Lookin for a room from the 26th!!Barbara Delvescovo-  08/20/2013
Looking for a flat in Kowloon from August 24th for 1 monthMaria Camila Osorio4  08/17/2013
Looking for roommates to share a flat in Hong Kong !Hugo Badz-  08/17/2013
Looking for a flat-share in Kowloon starting on Aug 23Utari Widura-  08/13/2013
Short term rental from August 15th to September 18th , up to 12000, Wanchai, Tin Hau, Jordan, TSTGEYMMA G3  08/11/2013
Wanted: housing for couple for 4 months from aug/sep to end Decemberkrissamsterdam2  08/07/2013
Have a room in my flat available from end of Aug to DecJoseph McGinley-  08/06/2013
Girl search for a flat from end Aug to end DecCrystal Tsui1  08/06/2013
Arriving HK on 22nd august!Rajesh Kumar-  08/05/2013
Share-flat in Sham Shui PoLionel Gautier-  08/05/2013
Need advice (flat-sharing in HK)Magally Macias Flores-  08/05/2013
Looking for a flat in Hong Kong in OctoberBristolfromBristol-  08/04/2013
Seaview Crescent - 2 bedrooms for rent (near HK airport)Anna Jojo-  07/31/2013
Looking for roommates in HungHom districtAlice Liang2  07/30/2013
Looking for flat August-OctoberMētra Strode1  07/29/2013
Looking for an apartment / flat share in HK from mind-August onwardsZH-SURFER-  07/27/2013
Looking for a flatshare in Central/Sheung Waneva K-  07/27/2013
French girl looking for a room in a flatshareNoémie Calais1  07/27/2013
Looking for a flat for August :)Melissa Thomson3  07/25/2013