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Watching films together is a way sharing thoughts..exchange mind. Especially if it is a creative art movie.
And all for free. + good companion and discussion after the film.
I did it in many countries, organized events, we watched movie together, had snack and drink. Projected the film, later we discussed.. giving new and new aspects to our understanding of the film.

This group would be perfect forum for movie lovers.

So welcome to join this group if

1 you like good movies
2 you want to meet likeminded people
3 you want to host movie nights sometimes
4 you can borow us projector for 1 night

Also - i search motivated people to continue these events if im abroad.
If you motivated, interested, pls join

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Fekete  Balázs Fekete Balázs moderator oooohlalala 01/21/2012
Agape SzkárosiAgape Szkárosi moderator wanna meet local CS and see interesting films 07/21/2011
Gabor Csonka Gabor Csonka moderator 11/18/2010
Jennifer IJennifer I b/c I like film and I'm in Budapest 02/23/2013
Zsofi IvanyiZsofi Ivanyi I looove movies! :) 06/21/2012
Annesley NewholmAnnesley Newholm Friend of Szabi 02/02/2013
Csilla KristonCsilla Kriston to get good ideas 04/30/2013
Paolo SavioPaolo Savio I like movies ;) 11/17/2013


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