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Created: Nov 24, 2010
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Giannhs Nikiforidis Giannhs Nikiforidis moderator organize some events ..se forward for some more 12/14/2010
Nick IoannidisNick Ioannidis 08/29/2011
Normunds DaudissNormunds Daudiss 08/16/2011
JORDI VARKAS JORDI VARKAS cause i love it! 01/10/2012
Lefteris NikollaiLefteris Nikollai 10/25/2011
Evgeniya LitvinEvgeniya Litvin 06/10/2011
MARINEKTA MODINOSMARINEKTA MODINOS To be informed about events being organised... 08/13/2012
Yiannis BalYiannis Bal 07/20/2011


2nd summercamp in Greece 200961157
Summercamp in Greece 2008200783
Volunteers for regular meetings and CS action13600
Xanthi organisation5271

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thessaloniki wintercamp 2012 - 2013Giannhs Nikiforidis-  11/16/2012
Balkan event night: Film about Gypsy community "Shutka", photos from Balkans, vegetarian food and partyLUCASVEGAN-  06/11/2011