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a group for Ultimate Frisbee!

"Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport played with a 175 gram flying disc. The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone. Players may not run with the disc, and may only move one foot while holding the disc. In 2008, there were 4.9 million Ultimate players in the US."
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some links you can check



http://www.alternatifsporlar.net/frizbi_frisbee.asp (in Turkish)


lets throw some disc and have fun!

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Created: Nov 29, 2010
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Ilker BildircinIlker Bildircin moderator 11/29/2010
Serhan KuscuogluSerhan Kuscuoglu moderator I want to play Ultimate Frisbee 11/29/2010
Gizem AygenGizem Aygen moderator 11/29/2010
Nihat Akdemir Nihat Akdemir moderator 11/29/2010
Jonathan PoitzJonathan Poitz 09/23/2012
Barış ÇAKARBarış ÇAKAR Ultimate Frisbee Player 08/31/2013
Garrett Drake Garrett Drake I want to play! 11/30/2010
Radoslav Tahsin Keremidov GulerRadoslav Tahsin Keremidov Guler 03/05/2013


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