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for all romanians,travellers who felt in love with this country and future travellers to Romania

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Created: Oct 6, 2006
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AnifeeKanuAnifeeKanu moderator 10/06/2006
Razvan -Razvan - 03/07/2013
Konstantin_cKonstantin_c este posibil sa vin in vara in Romania, in vizita ... 02/28/2013
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born been there more than 50 times, loving it 08/12/2013
Daniel PDaniel P I Love Romania 09/01/2013
Daniel Petruneac Daniel Petruneac 10/19/2012
Ciucanu MariaCiucanu Maria I like to meet new people 01/05/2014
Friedel FinkFriedel Fink made a project there 08/24/2013


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