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This group is to share our kitchens and cuisines with one another. Our inspiration is to take the CouchSurfing ideal of shared housing and extend it to shared meals. Let us unite our kitchens, dining rooms, and recipies into a festival of global community.

Events organized here may take a variety of forms, including fixed menus, joint cooking, potlucks, etc.

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Created: Dec 16, 2010
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Ian Turner Ian Turner moderator Interested in hosting events 03/16/2014
Gabor Csonka Gabor Csonka moderator 12/16/2010
SUSHIBUFFET SUSHIBUFFET Sounds like a fun idea 08/26/2013
Arthur RaphaelArthur Raphael 05/17/2013
Anthony VeliaAnthony Velia 01/06/2014
Anne BoleynAnne Boleyn I just have never heard of anything like this, it sounds really really cool 03/28/2014
Joshua Varon Joshua Varon I lke to cook, I like to learn, I like to meet new people 06/18/2011
Michele GravinaMichele Gravina foodie 08/01/2013


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