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Dear C.S. Members
This is a new group in C.s.
My old dream to organize an event where we can teach each other (and our motivated guest) how to cook hungarian, asian etc. or other nation's food.
So i created this forum, as many surfers arriving here from different corner of the world, so they can share their knowledge and skill.
I would like to find inspired people join to this group and make a tradition in c.s. - as cooking event! when enough member it will be the forum to discuss where will be the next event, who will host it, what to cook..

If i find partners for it we can continue this events.
We can buy together the ingredients on the market and cook together. We will share the expenses.
During cooking is enough time to socializing, to get to know other members etc. So if you are motivated pls. join.

1- It could be rotary system as well! Every time different person hosting the cooking event.
2- It could be a 'potluck', means everyone prepare at home something, and bring it to the meeting, and socializing during culinary enjoyment.

Next, IM LOOKING SOMEONE WHO WILLing to HOST THIS EVENT! (needs kitchen and reachable location).
so if you like the idea, just go ahead.
Thanks for participating
Gabor Csonka - vandorboy,
hungarian global nomad

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Created: Dec 16, 2010
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HewbyHewby moderator I love to cook, i love to try new foods, i love to learn different cultural food. Eating is best performed in company! 01/08/2011
Jakob MainertJakob Mainert moderator no food, no life 01/05/2011
Gabor Csonka Gabor Csonka moderator 12/16/2010
Donna FanDonna Fan 01/31/2011
marie Verschavemarie Verschave I'm French, I love cooking, especially for other people, and I love tasting new food. 09/14/2013
Sarah Burn Sarah Burn I live in Vancouver and love to cook and eat:) 12/03/2013
Ryan Bird Ryan Bird My wife and I love to cook, love to sur, and love to meet new people. We're new to Vancouver and want to share our recipes from traveling. 02/24/2011
Steffi J.Steffi J. Food+sozializing=foodalizing 10/10/2013


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