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Perth Couchsurfers Social Club

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Hi all, was for all couchsurfers, especially people who live or travelling to and visiting Perth, Western Australia. This group is now closing down because there's already have a group in Perth called "Perth" (Western Australia) - so please join that group instead.

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Created: Oct 8, 2006
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BUBBLES7BUBBLES7 moderator 10/08/2006
Andrea GibbsAndrea Gibbs To get some advice on couch surfing 01/13/2008
Daniel IveyDaniel Ivey Perth boy 03/04/2007
Cara MuellerCara Mueller be great to have a CS community in Perth! 11/12/2006
Kate and Tichaona VallentineKate and Tichaona Vallentine I live here and love knowing what's goin' on! 01/16/2008
Rod Caddies Rod Caddies To join in the festivities with other Couchsurfers 11/14/2007
COLEY11COLEY11 for a laugh 03/10/2007
BRUCE Lee BRUCE Lee cuz I'm the one in the main picture :p 11/25/2006


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Flagged postsModerator 2  02/28/2008
Piss up in a breweryAdam Mullett-  10/04/2009
Closing down the Social Club group?THE_FISH1014  01/26/2008
Closing Perth Couchsurfing Social Club group down so please join other Perth group instead :)BUBBLES7-  01/26/2008
Looking for someoneYunju Chen3  01/18/2008
looking for a room, Feb 14th - July 15thMICHABERLIN-  01/11/2008
Coming to Perth soon ;)Leo Bernoulli-  01/10/2008
yoga places?!Ditte Strebel2  01/08/2008
Hi Kate - The ModeratorGreg Hill5  01/06/2008
Where Should I Live in Perth?Tim Kelly4  01/04/2008
Group consolidationAUSSIEMATT1  12/31/2007
On the MoveKING_FIAT-  12/29/2007
Coming to Perth Jan 11-14 or 15Serendipities1  12/10/2007
Coming to PerthGreg Benner7  12/02/2007
Scot looking to celebrate St Andrews DayLee Douglas3  11/30/2007
How expensive is australieAnja im Glueck2  11/21/2007
happilyShu-Lin Chen-  11/20/2007
Hi all!Meral Soydas1  11/06/2007
NEE HAO PERTH!Sarah Ronan2  11/06/2007
driving to sydneySean Reid-  10/28/2007
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