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Eva LiegardEva Liegard je vais à Ouagadougou dans quelques jours 03/05/2013
ARTHUR759ARTHUR759 avoir des amis 03/02/2011
Elina EdlerElina Edler I have been there (mostly in Bobo) and I love it. 09/30/2013
Lisa AissaouiLisa Aissaoui I'm here for a month 07/13/2012
herve Kaboreherve Kabore je vis au Burkina Faso 01/06/2013
Lionel TraoreLionel Traore Everything 03/20/2014
Zabda ZabdaZabda Zabda hebergement au burkina 08/24/2009
BICICLETIZBICICLETIZ would like to visit Burkina Faso in May 04/11/2014


Rencontre des couchsurfers au jardin de l'amitié à Ouagadougou / Meeting couchsurfers the garden of friendship in Ouaga21


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Poll: Rencontre de couchsurfers à Ouagadougou / Couchsurfers meeting in OuaKAMAWARE1  08/13/2012

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Woud you please add Burkina Faso to my world map?Kendrick Kaufman-  04/17/2014
Travelling through Burkina Faso between May - June 2014!Vit Lastovka5  04/11/2014
Aidez à traduire des cartes postales pour un monde meilleur en Moore ou Dioula?Mats Blakstad-  03/27/2014
desperate to find lyrics of a song from an author from Burkina FasoAili Gerz4  03/02/2014
Nice to live in Burkina Faso?Alex + Esther Strunck/Bachmann4  02/17/2014
bus to AccraVeroItinerante1  01/05/2014
Looking for Land Rover parts in OuagadougouBen Stanton-  12/17/2013
New years celebration and budget accomodationElin Reitehaug-  12/11/2013
couchsurfing and football in Burkina Fasofelix_supertramp1  11/17/2013
Which national park should I chooseDavid Horník-  11/10/2013
Anyone going from Burkina Faso to Sweden?Elina Edler-  09/30/2013
Tro tro in OuagadougouLars Gunnar Gardo1  07/02/2013
ALGERIAN CS INVASION : DZAIRUSH 2013safiaJee-  05/15/2013
chantier de solidarité internationalZabda Zabda-  05/04/2013
Tro tro in OuagaLars Gunnar Gardo-  05/04/2013
Share Burkina Faso to the world, BE A PART OF THE MEANWHILE MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
anyone going from france to Bobo Dioulasso soon?HEYRIGUL-  04/21/2013
Hello Everybody !! Salut a tout le monde !!Orlando Batallas-  03/19/2013
Looking for writers/ contributors to an African magazineChantraine Tutu-  03/18/2013
Pour cause de départ, je vends ma jolie motoIsabel Katharina-  03/13/2013
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