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Adopt a couchsurfer for Christmas


The idea started within the couchsurfing spirit. I realized that lots of foreigners in Portugal, or even in other countries, can't go to their home countries for Christmas due to lots of different reasons, and I thought about an idea to fill in that gap.
The idea starts on "adopting" one or two foreigners, for the Christmas Eve dinner, or even for the Christmas lunch, so they can have a decent local meal, with a local family.
You don't need to make an huge effort to help with this. Just bring someone you know, and make them feel at home in such special times like this.

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Filipe Alberto Marques TeixeiraFilipe Alberto Marques Teixeira moderator 12/21/2010
Simple-Simon Simple-Simon I like to invite couchsurfers for Christmas 06/17/2013
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Clara I. ArámburoClara I. Arámburo 12/10/2013
kyo_kio_chiao kyo_kio_chiao Christmas for Buddhist???? Why not??? xD 12/13/2013
Orlee DarnaylaOrlee Darnayla Christmas is universal 05/27/2013
Genesis MenoniGenesis Menoni 09/26/2013
Alex and Dominik KwiatkowscyAlex and Dominik Kwiatkowscy we want to visit couchsurfers on christmas. 11/29/2013


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