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Laptops, Netbooks & smart phones have become the essential tools for today's traveler. This group is for the sharing of tech knowledge & for helping one another when common technology problems suddenly occur. How to fix hardware & software problems quickly & cheaply, how to solve that WiFi issue, where to get that spare part etc. This is a place to find answers & solutions for what ever you may require while here in Argentina. Welcome! And don't forget to back up your photos! - Ricardo.

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Created: Dec 23, 2010
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Ricardo Mardisich Ricardo Mardisich moderator 12/23/2010
zionkv Kivvazionkv Kivva I am IT expert 03/16/2014
Griselda MGriselda M 05/05/2013
Paul MurphyPaul Murphy Enjoy using computers and have built several from scratch. I am the "tech guy" for my wife's small business. I may be able to help people who may have some problems I have been able to fix. 08/13/2012
Eric WeberEric Weber Soy tecnico electronico, en la actualidad trabajo como IT. 07/03/2013
Alberto Zugno Alberto Zugno 06/04/2013
Jose.Luis Jose.Luis 03/29/2013
Leandro SaccoLeandro Sacco 02/28/2013


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