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Although there are many expats enjoying trying different dishes in all the fancy restaurants in Shanghai, We'd like to have some chances to practise, exchange and improve our own cooking skill. And It is the most important thing that we gonna work together on cooking dishes from all over the world.

Delicious home-made food,
Nice music(or movies),
Wonderfull people,

Those are most important factors in our cooking skill exchange activities. You are welcome to share, exchange and socialise through this group organized activities.

Let's gather regularly for our private home cuisine!!!

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Created: Jan 1, 2011
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Dave Wei Dave Wei moderator 01/01/2011
Lidia DarmaevaLidia Darmaeva 02/11/2014
tina Tsuitina Tsui i love cooking 06/13/2012
WORLD_CURRYWORLD_CURRY Love Cooking!!!! 03/08/2013
BOROTVLBOROTVL I love cooking & eating :) 01/16/2014
Clark ZhongClark Zhong 10/08/2012
Fang Yi LinFang Yi Lin I love cooking 04/07/2014
Charm-accezzCharm-accezz Cooking & baking would be my passion in life. I have also organized food-hunting trips back home to hunt for great food in different cities. 07/05/2013


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