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This is a resource for Kroka semester alumni and other long time Krokans to connect and keep in touch. Complete with a map, showing where everyone is living (Click on "See all group members")!

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Created: Jan 3, 2011
Type: Public

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Ari ErlbaumAri Erlbaum moderator 01/03/2011
Jed MasonJed Mason Keeping in touch... 01/04/2011
Leah  ErlbaumLeah Erlbaum 01/04/2011
Peter WeidnerPeter Weidner roootsy rootness 01/03/2011
Paul Lang Paul Lang Because.... 01/03/2011
Ezra FradkinEzra Fradkin 01/24/2012
Evan Brill-KowlesEvan Brill-Kowles staying in touch 01/04/2011
Stefan Hofer-fay Stefan Hofer-fay want to keep in contact with other people from kroka 01/03/2011


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Deer hidesAndy Staudinger-  11/17/2011
Looking for Kefir, and other things...Andy Staudinger-  09/13/2011
rivers to paddleAndy Staudinger2  05/02/2011
Maine- NH contra ride offeredAndy Staudinger-  01/20/2011