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Arjen van Lierop Arjen van Lierop Will I go there? 07/25/2013
Joanne WallamesJoanne Wallames Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province 01/09/2014
Watna MoriWatna Mori 02/25/2013
Fabien Pierrel Fabien Pierrel Looking for travelling in Papua New Guinea next summer (2014) 04/04/2014
Monika MixováMonika Mixová comin! 04/11/2014
Francesco  ArbolinoFrancesco Arbolino Because I plan to travel PNG alone. 11/29/2013
Matthew Stanfill Matthew Stanfill I'll be there in a few months 04/16/2014
Hamish BurnsHamish Burns travel 03/15/2014


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Visiting Goroko Tribal Festival Sept 2010Ullyss May W6  08/30/2010
- - PAPUA NEW GUINEA - -Stefano Cavina8  08/30/2010
anyone else traveling PNG Feb - early March?Jason Wheeler1  08/02/2010
media in papuaPINKMUFFIN2  07/27/2010
Papua New Guinea Identification DocumentsAhmad M.TANNIR-  07/23/2010
Reaching Salomon Isands from PNG!!!!!!!!Alexis Leggeri2  07/15/2010
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