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Stay fit, healthy, sexy, etc.

If you're a runner, traveling shouldn't stop ya. Plus, there are cool circuits around the city and races every weekend.

Veni a mover la piernas!!

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Created: Jan 9, 2011
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Nicolas INicolas I moderator 01/09/2011
Jorge Eduardo ArmendarizJorge Eduardo Armendariz Need to run as a compliment to my main exercising 09/09/2011
Sara RedmanSara Redman 05/09/2013
Manuela BernalManuela Bernal 03/19/2014
Mauro Scalercio Mauro Scalercio Correr en Buenos Aires 10/15/2013
Juan Manuel HernándezJuan Manuel Hernández I need to keep in shape for work, and also like running. 02/11/2014
PALOMADELSURPALOMADELSUR Quiero entrenarme para correr una maratón 04/16/2014
Maria SobolMaria Sobol running!! 03/23/2014


Maraton de Bs. As,24

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Flagged postsModerator 2  02/03/2011
Quienes corren los 21k y/o 42k de BA ?Mariano Levy1  09/09/2011
Free Running ClubNicolas I5  08/02/2011
Morning Runs in Puerto Madero / Corre por la mañana en Puerto MaderoJack Duncan3  05/13/2011
carolina herrara 2012 urban runAnalia Torio2  05/10/2011
CrossFitNicolas I-  05/03/2011
Need a RUNNING partner!Predrag Stanojević3  04/08/2011
Wednesday Run @ BosquesFlavio César3  04/08/2011
Saturday Run @BosquesNicolas I16  03/10/2011
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