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Sziget 2011


The Sziget Fesztivál 2011 will be from 10th (8th) to 15th August!
You can post here if:
- you need help
- you want to meet others there
- you're just happy to come (again)

You can find the CS-Camp and the CS-Meeting point (every day at 2pm from Sunday 7th with paper hats for recognition) on this map: http://www.treuer.eu/sziget/szigetterkep_est_2011.jpg

My hungarian number if you need any help: +36 70 2507968

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Sam Treuer Sam Treuer moderator 01/11/2011
Pauly Sukow Pauly Sukow Going to the festival! 08/01/2011
Cristina-Maria CoruiCristina-Maria Corui planing to go!! 05/25/2011
Sean LouisSean Louis 06/30/2011
Simone Severi Simone Severi 06/23/2011
Alexandra GolovachAlexandra Golovach I am going to Sziget 2011 02/04/2011
Sarah CollinsSarah Collins I had an really awful time and want to track down the people responsible. :P 08/16/2011


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