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So many of us came here, always come back here or ever since lived here for the great outdoor possibilities. Snowshoeing, MTBing, climbing, kajaking...all is here. Lets put our inspiration, visions and equipment together to make some plans come true with a good group of people.

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Created: Jan 17, 2011
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Isabel S Verse Isabel S Verse moderator 01/17/2011
Klara HalderKlara Halder I love outdoors 12/16/2013
Rudy PospisilRudy Pospisil Love To Host Cycle trips 06/24/2013
Caroline SchubaCaroline Schuba I join this group as I want to have more outdoor activities and think it is more fun to do it with like-minded people :-) 04/16/2014
Nino NacalabanNino Nacalaban Love outdoor activities 07/08/2012
vulpes81vulpes81 explore together 04/13/2014
Gilles N Jessica DA SILVA Gilles N Jessica DA SILVA Outdoor fan in Van 10/08/2013
Sarah P.Sarah P. I heart hiking 09/13/2012


Storage for bike bags / package!?1-


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Poll: Caribbean festival 29 Jul 2012BABEE-  07/29/2012

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Flagged postsModerator 3  06/17/2011
WEEKEND SEAWALL CYCLESRudy Pospisil-  04/14/2014
Looking for road bike (XS) for July and companions for ridesGlobe Trotter-  04/11/2014
Adventuring outdoors!Max White-  04/07/2014
BC BEACHES GROUPPepi+Pooky Lemoco-  04/05/2014
Easter Bike Tour - South Gulf Island, BCBenoit Palante-  04/04/2014
Going to the mountains this weekend!Ingrid Land1  04/03/2014
Cypress Mountain or Grouse Mountain tomorrow, Wednesday, April 2Michaela1980-  04/02/2014
Cypress Mountaindeaner Villarosa9  03/30/2014
looking for accompany to Whistler, will anyone want to join me?JOU-FEI HUANG4  03/11/2014
Surfing in Tofino (22./23.Feb)Lorenz Grämiger-  02/19/2014
Snowboarding Feb 16thTiffany Schaffer5  02/17/2014
Anyone driving up to Whistler on Feb 14th with room for 2 cheerful, fun, willing-to-pay-gas folks?!SHARLENE5-  02/12/2014
Hiking on Sunday Jan 12 or Monday Jan 13??JULZ!8  01/12/2014
Who want to go to Lynn Canyon (27 dec 2013)Fred and Clem B.1  01/02/2014
Finding a canoe for an afternoonGilbert Coyle1  12/17/2013
Vancouver Hostelling InternationalLis Price-  12/16/2013
SnowboardingJenn Coulombe9  12/15/2013
Snowshoe Mount Seymour Dec 28Sarah P.-  12/10/2013
New rideshare group for snowboarding/skiingElise Godwin-  12/08/2013
Hiking weekend 9-10-11 of Nov.Benoit Palante1  11/19/2013
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