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C.R.BC.R.B planning to travel to Vanuatu 03/05/2014
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born nice 12/27/2013
TinaZzinaTinaZzina 03/12/2014
Helena PetrakovaHelena Petrakova planning a trip to Vanuatu, looking for a travel mate 01/28/2014
Llorenç SutoLlorenç Suto i will be in vanuatu next 26 of march. 2014 03/20/2014
Marco DörfligerMarco Dörfliger floating by 07/30/2012
kiwi.chriskiwi.chris live here 04/07/2014
George FogarasiGeorge Fogarasi Going to Vanuatu in July 02/04/2013


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Would you please add Vanuatu to my map?Kendrick Kaufman-  04/16/2014
Help translate postcards for a better world into BislamaMats Blakstad-  04/08/2014
vanuatu and samoa may/juneTinaZzina3  03/28/2014
looking for travelmate in vanuatu next weekLlorenç Suto-  03/21/2014
Meet in Vanuatu? 23/3-8/4Ellen Polfliet1  03/21/2014
looking for travel mate (first half of May 2014)Helena Petrakova-  03/16/2014
boat hitch-hiking in Vanuatu?C.R.B-  03/05/2014
some surfers in Santo island ?Mickael Foucaux-  02/26/2014
Looking for a travelmate; starting 19th of February Port VilaAlexandra Matu1  01/28/2014
CruiseSWEETSUPERCHICK652  01/22/2014
Travel to VanuatuWesley Norvell2  12/26/2013
wedding time!!CleNie-  12/12/2013
Beach Bar tomorrowMax Laackman-  12/05/2013
Christmas holiday in VanuatuMarkus Kraemer-  11/27/2013
In Vanuatu 10th November to 17th want to join me for adventures?Paddy Vogt-  11/06/2013
A special birthday present for my big brother :-)Hannah Friebe-  07/09/2013
Hello Vanuatu :)MASHDALINA1  06/12/2013
Malekula anyone?Marc-Antoine Meilleur2  06/06/2013
winter sun (and malaria??)Karen, Colin, Samara and Katrina Walker1  05/04/2013
Share Vanuatu with the world, BE A PART OF THE "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
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