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Peruanos en Alemania, peruaner in Deutschland, peruvians in Germany.


Hola, este grupo tiene la intención de reunir a la gente peruana que vive en Alemania y a los no peruanos interesados en mi lindo pais Perú.

Hi, the intention of this group is to met peruvian people who are living in Germany and other people who are interested in Peru.

Hallo, die Absicht dieser Gruppe ist das peruanische Volk in Deutschland lebenden und die nicht-peruaner, die in meinem schönen Land Peru interessiert sind.

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Created: Jan 24, 2011
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Gabriel OnetoGabriel Oneto moderator 01/24/2011
ZAUBERMORGENZAUBERMORGEN Have been lived in Peru.... 08/27/2011
ensa Camaraensa Camara i want a girl friend 04/17/2012
jose luis Cajamarcajose luis Cajamarca ill live in germany 08/22/2012
Marialex Adcard'Marialex Adcard' . 05/04/2013
Winfried OVERBECKWinfried OVERBECK I was many years ago twice in peru and plan to visit the people of the Ashaninka in Rio Mamiri next year once again. 09/18/2011
tarik Anatarik Ana 05/21/2013
Fatima VilelaFatima Vilela I need information for trip to Germany 02/04/2013


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