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For couchsurfers located in queens, or anyone interested.

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Michael J-JMichael J-J moderator 05/30/2010
Jessi MeowmixheadJessi Meowmixhead moderator 10/20/2006
Ariel HermanAriel Herman I live here! 04/07/2014
BAKANYCBAKANYC I live in Queens! 08/27/2012
Christian MichaelChristian Michael 05/07/2010
dépaysementdépaysement Astoria 11/03/2013
Steve Piraino Steve Piraino considering moving to queens 09/25/2011
Christopher BradleyChristopher Bradley love queens 04/11/2014



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Poll: CS Queens Meetup? Vote!KITTYKITTYMEOWMIXHEAD5  04/07/2008

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Looking for a 1 bedroom apt in Queens. Please help!Kelly Lee-  06/19/2013
Share Queens and see the world, be a part of the "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT!!!Lucrèce Varelli-  06/15/2013
Seeking a small apartment or apt. to share near Wyckoff Heights Medical CenterEric Wickenheiser-  06/08/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at SAINT TAVERN, Thursday, April 18 **the_juanderer-  04/15/2013
Summer Job :)Karen Corzo-  03/20/2013
3/7-3/12Veronica Riojas-  02/18/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at CENTRAL BAR, Feb 14 **the_juanderer-  02/11/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at CENTRAL BAR, Feb 7,14,21,28 **the_juanderer-  02/07/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at CENTRAL BAR, Jan 31 **the_juanderer-  01/28/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at CENTRAL BAR, Jan 3,10,17,24,31 **the_juanderer-  01/23/2013
Home Swap - mY PARIS FOR YOUR NEWYORKCecile KLAUS-  01/20/2013
Brasilian in Queens I'd love meet new friends and parties!!!Mari_Ferreira1  01/19/2013
Please help me find an apartment!Carolina_Sarmiento-  01/17/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at CENTRAL BAR, Thursday, Jan 17 **the_juanderer-  01/15/2013
** Weekly CS meetup at CENTRAL BAR, Jan 3,10,17,24,31 **the_juanderer1  12/31/2012
Moving to NY (Queens) December 10th!Yasmine Najmabadi10  12/31/2012
** THURSDAY NYC CS Meetup at SAINTS TAVERN Dec 27 **the_juanderer-  12/24/2012
Brasilian in NYMari_Ferreira-  12/23/2012
** THURSDAY CS Happy Hour at SAINTS TAVERN Dec 20, 27 **the_juanderer-  12/16/2012
the new New York City groupthe_juanderer-  12/08/2012
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