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Please contribute with events on this google doc link

This groups aims to keep an UPDATED list of Couch Crashes in North America.

What is a Couchcrash?

It's an event organized by CS members from a specific geographical location and is usually held yearly. Local members organize 3 or more days full of events. These are most of time events that includes, but not limited to: City tours, picnics, house-parties, hiking, bike-tours, sightseeing and so on.
During these events, local members host the couchsurfers that are coming from other places. In many cases, people travel to another country to attend one of these events. For it is an amazing way to visit a city for the first time.

Why this group?
The sole purpose of this group is to keep a updated list of Couch Crashes taking place in North America. So that it is easy to find these events.
This group is also meant for when another group decide to organize a new Couch Crash for their city, they can easily check which date would be best, so that it does't conflict with another Couch Crash only 2 hours away.

Proposed Idea
This group by no means attempts to impose a "rule" of how to organize Couch Crashes. It only attempts to stimulate collaboration amongst different CS Communities, so that we can Create more positive Couchsurfing experiences.
By observation of previous Couch Crashes around the world. I noticed that most of these events tend to stick to the same date as it was held on their first Couch Crash. For that reason, we suggest that CS communities that are in process of organizing their very FIRST Couch Crash keep in mind of similar events going on Nearby cities. In case there are, we suggest that:
-- The new Group attempts to find another date. If that is not possible, then given that these cities are relatively close, Organizers from both cities can work together and perhaps have one big event for both cities alternating between the two cities every year. If none of these solution is agreed upon, then the CS community will happy to know that everything was done to better organize these events, and the decision to 2 separate events in nearby cities was the best solution for everyone. In which case both cities can still support each other's event.

Disclaimer: All this is only my suggestion, please I urge other members to write to me or on the discussion subgroup with their ideas, so this can formulated better, and not so one person's opinion.

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Ann_with_a_Plan Ann_with_a_Plan moderator I was one of the organizers for the Detroit CC3 & would like to plan one for Grand Rapids 05/26/2011
Aine CreedonAine Creedon moderator Organizing Boston Couch Crash 05/04/2012
Nathan Andren Nathan Andren moderator Detroit Couch Crash organizer 04/28/2011
Jean SilvaJean Silva moderator 02/04/2011
Vik.Ram Vik.Ram 12/02/2011
Stephen Barnes Stephen Barnes I'm helping to coordinate Crash the Lou, our 2012 St. Louis CouchCrash! 07/10/2012
AKILAN AKILAN Interested in upcoming Couch Crashes. 06/30/2011
Ron  DownsRon Downs We are travelling USA between April and August and would like to meet up with folk while there. 03/03/2014


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