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PORTUGAL FREE STUFF… Trade, Swap, Borrow, Lend, or Give Away/Acts of Kindness


Olá, sejam bem-vindos a este grupo!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello and welcome to this group!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In an ecological vision of the world, the reusability is the second step in the action of diminution of residues. We want to contribute to this! Think globally, recycle locally!
This group is for CS members who would like to exchange or give stuff (furniture, books, clothes, couchs, mattresss, etc). It's an excellent place for people who are about to move to Portugal or leave the country. Also for people which want sharing different travel stuff (sim-cards, guidebooks or any other travel stuff , e.g. a tent, an alpenstock…) whatever that you are willing to share with other CSers.

If you know webs or places to exchange or to offer gifts, you can also post here this information.
Find out if locals or travelers have what you need or need what you have. This is the place to get that thing you may need for that next trip or get rid of that stuff you been dragging around for years, but never using.
Need a tent, is that backpack to small, moving and need to dump all your homely stuff, or are you new to a town and starting from nothing, then post here.
Please note: if you are looking to sell, then please do NOT post here, you will have better luck with EBay or Craigslist.
So,this group was created essentially:
a) to give away free, wonderful, re-usable stuff to our CS family! Save it from the landfill, sidewalk or god forbid, craigslist! you can post things here. please try to make a link to pics on flickr or something like that to minimize post responses;

b) To commit acts of kindness to the cs family here.

Are you sick and need soup, a movie or something to laugh at? need someone to feed your cat/fish/plants while you travel? move your car every tuesday so it wont get towed while you are globetrotting:)?
Do you need help moving? a ride to the airport? need to borrow a vacuum or something else?
Are you BORED? want random entertainment? Need help writing a resume' or taxes or fixing your bike...?need to learn something?Maybe a cserfriend can help you... Need help?...maybe someone here in cs can help you…you have something to offer?

Let's be creative here! don´t be afraid to ask for anything...
join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...it is a way to meet and make new friends
...and we can creat games to the others win something,for example...so,have fun,enjoy...

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