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Visas - Immigration –Information and Experiences


Many of our CS friends travel to many countries for different reasons. The first thing one thinks is getting visa for the country he/she is visiting. He/She may not be knowing – where to apply, how to apply etc. What are the rules-regulations for different countries. Although one has visa for any specific country how to face immigration / custom process once you land in that country. This group is to share information and experiences about visas and immigration rules.
As this group is for sharing the information and experiences , though members are expected to give / share correct information only, moderator of this group or CS will not be responsible for the contents shared on the group by members. It is up to members how you can make the best use of this group.

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INDOFRIEND INDOFRIEND moderator 02/10/2011
Satish R BansalSatish R Bansal Need VISA Information 08/24/2011
Saurabh KocherSaurabh Kocher As I am a lawyer and deals in Visa & Immigration cases! 01/29/2014
Ritz WhizRitz Whiz to have greater awareness about visa processes 09/23/2012
NomadicTribeNomadicTribe Eager to help anybody at anytime 05/30/2011
Tanja SchüpbachTanja Schüpbach canada visa issue 02/27/2014
Ravneesh Garg Ravneesh Garg Information 02/11/2011


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