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If you're living in Steglitz, just sign in, we should make some Steglitz-meetings!. If you know good places to go there also let us know.

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Created: Feb 15, 2011
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Guido KernGuido Kern 02/28/2012
Angelika BraunAngelika Braun my second home 02/17/2012
Andreas Fischer Andreas Fischer Born here (not in group, but in place), living in Lankwitz and I don't get used to the idea that my community has a border that is defined by public administration. 04/05/2011
CLAUDI_91CLAUDI_91 Me and my flat mate live also in Steglitz. So I´d like to become a part of this group. 09/28/2011
John WongJohn Wong I'm here! 06/07/2011
hacer Kenarhacer Kenar im living in Steglity 08/27/2012
NEILZNEILZ resident 02/02/2014


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30€ in 2.5 hours!Ulrike Schlickeiser-  04/02/2014
SteglitzNEILZ-  02/02/2014
Anyone up for a little bit exercise tomorrow (Oct 23rd)? Or later at the gym?Marie Hoffmann-  10/22/2011