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Since we just had a first CS Meeting in Koblenz (and it was really cool) I thought we should start this group. So if anyone wants to meet up, do something, tell us about anything great going on in Koblenz or if someone is visiting Koblenz...this is the place to be ;-)

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Created: Oct 29, 2006
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Christian Bayerlein Christian Bayerlein moderator Wohne auch in Koblenz 12/18/2006
Gabi and Sven Gabi and Sven moderator Wir wohnen seit 4 Jahren in Koblenz :-) 01/01/2008
N. VlapovN. Vlapov There right now 04/15/2014
WALDFEE78 WALDFEE78 I live in the area 11/22/2008
Matteo Casola Matteo Casola My girlfriend lives in the Reihnland 05/06/2010
FriedrichDerZweiteFriedrichDerZweite I live in Koblenz, Guess that's reason enough. 05/15/2013
Barbara PreislerBarbara Preisler living here ;-) 07/21/2013
Bea MorenoBea Moreno Looking for an emergency host in Koblenz 04/20/2014


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