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South Sudan


The New Free State of South Sudan is born
The Newest in the World

The New Free State of South Sudan

*30-yeared Genocide by Sudanese Government now in pictures, by Tomo Kriznar
*Southern Sudanese Tribes Map
*Eastern African Linguistic Groups Map

Some Recommended CS groups:
Human Rights Watch
Define Necessity!. Freedom in Love for what is necessary: Freedom of Religion, Free Speech
Nubians and Copts
Indigenous Musics / Lesser-Used & Endangered Languages / Stateless Cultures
Tamazight (Berberian Language)
African Languages

Genocide against Nilotic Nations in South Sudan (this pic is the 1994 Pulitzer Prize)
Sustainable surfing and hosting, tourism with respect to local cultures and the environment

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Darryl Milner Darryl Milner moderator History being made! 02/23/2011
Nicky WakoNicky Wako moderator South Sudanese/Dutch.. 07/19/2012
Laurent C.Laurent C. moderator I lived here for one year 11/22/2011
Sandro ShanidzeSandro Shanidze moderator support support support!! 03/05/2011
Harivan RojvanHarivan Rojvan moderator 02/23/2011
But & EvenBut & Even moderator 02/23/2011
Anja BauerAnja Bauer Thinking of working in South Sudan 11/06/2012
Prakash VoraPrakash Vora I have business in Juba and I am visiting juba every month 04/25/2013



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