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buy,sell,trade,donate sth 4 ALL SH CSERS


If you post on any other classified site to sell,buy,trade,donate something.
Feel free to repost it here.

Examples are ecities, craigslist, other free classified sites,and your own homepage as well.

Help me complete this wiki so that we can use for this group.
This is only for personal items not for commercially selling multiples of the same item.

But this is for real stuff not services or realestate.
If you want services make your own SUBGROUP !

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Created: Feb 23, 2011
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Jeffrey Rust Jeffrey Rust moderator 02/23/2011
Sepia Gray Sepia Gray Always coming and going. 03/27/2013
hao Hanhao Han buy or sell sth 03/22/2013
GuillermovanGuillermovan in shanghai for the next couple years 02/17/2014
Hind  MabchourHind Mabchour 01/10/2013
Mohammed Magdi Mohammed Magdi 07/26/2013
Sergey MikhaylyukSergey Mikhaylyuk 01/20/2013
Lisa BoubouLisa Boubou ... 09/02/2013


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Job offerKANUL-  11/26/2013
100% new Ralph Lauren dress (striped sleeveless linen)ANNA9021-  09/11/2013
Cheap bike for sale - CNY120 (near Fudan University)Oscar Buhl1  09/07/2013
Looking for a bikeLisa Boubou-  09/02/2013
Looking for a bikeLionel Gautier3  08/21/2013
Dinning chairsANNA9021-  07/19/2013
single bed with matressANNA9021-  07/19/2013
Looking to buy small dog carrier for travelKelli Cromsigt-  07/10/2013
M2/Richy drinking tickets/coupon.gigi Lee-  06/26/2013
++ 2nd hand stuff for newcomers - grab a bargain ++Oscar Buhl1  06/24/2013
1 lady bike + 1 male bike wantedYubs Yubs1  06/02/2013
Clothes to donatePoonam Ajmera1  04/20/2013
Cheap second hand Stuff on Sale!Maria Aliprandi-  04/16/2013
Gym membership for sale: 8.5 months MegafitMOONSTRUCKDUCK-  04/15/2013
Couch HandbagKimmygoesglobal2  04/09/2013
looking for iphone4 (or 4S) second handFabrizio Monticelli-  04/05/2013
Sell table chairANNA9021-  04/02/2013
Spanish lessonsCarolina Pinasco-  03/27/2013
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